Album to Check Out: Chairlift – Something


You might remember Chairlift from this incredibly sunny and colorful Apple Nano ad back in 2008:

A lot has changed since then. The band lost founding member and beat-maker Aaron Pfenning, leaving the band a two-piece. Caroline Polachek still sings lead, but third man Patrick Wimberly, has taken over with the composition and production duties.  Their second album, Something, still retains the familiar Chairlift bounce, but has now more of a darker and more electronic bent. This has turned out for the better, as Something has emerged as a front-runner for my favorite album in this very, very early year.

Check out the video for the danceriffic lead single, Amanaemonesia below. I swear, the song makes me want to stand up and just dance! The video itself is mind-twistingly  amazing in the sense where you can’t just look away (whether it’s of the genius-level or the car-wreck variety, I haven’t decided yet).

Chairlift – Something comes out 1/24 via Young Turks (order here)

Chairlift Album


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