Band Discovery: Cross Record

Cross Record is the musical project of Chicago-native Emily Cross. The songs she makes are simple in structure yet have a very aural, ghostly, and atmospheric feel to them. I would describe them as being similar to Julianna Barwick and Panda Bear. There’s a lot going on within them – vocal loops, glasses clinking, the sound of waves crashing through. These are the songs I imagine listening to my headphones while scavenging the beach or while strolling through the woods with the sunlight streaking through my face.

Currently, Cross Record has only a couple of EPs released (most of which you can download for free at her bandcamp site). She has set up a Kickstarter page that will allow you to help her fund and self-release her debut LP. I hope you do, as her songs are quite beautiful.

Take a listen to her songs below (especially standout track In a Volcano) and check out the really charming Kickstarter video below.

Shark in the Ocean


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