Album To Check Out: Polica – Give You The Ghost

Of all the singers and bands who use auto-tune, I would say I hate 90% of them as they use auto-tune to mask the deficiencies behind their voices. Polica belongs to the other 10% that I love.

Led by singer Channy Leaneagh  (formerly Channy Casselle from the Minnesotan collective Gayngs), Polica‘s songs are a blend of jazzy electronica and R&B. Here, autotune is used by Channy as a way to blend and stretch her vocals to shape with the soulful sax solos, the sliding violins, and the pulsating double drums employed by the band. The result is one of the sexiest record I have heard so far this year. Add it to my favorites list.

There are a couple of incredible standout songs in the record. Check out Lay Your Cards Out (featuring Bon Iver‘s Mike Noyce) and the amazing Wandering Star below.

Polica are coming to St Louis on 2/27 at the Old Rockhouse. You do not want to miss them play in such an intimate venue, as it might not happen again (tickets here)

Polica – Give You The Ghost comes out 2/14 via Totally Gross National Product (order here)

Wandering Star


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