Album To Check Out: Fanfarlo – Rooms Filled With Light

Reservoir, the debut album of London six-piece folk-pop band Fanfarlo kind of snuck up on me back when it was released in 2009. It’s mix of epic-building, orchestral, boy-girl harmonies with elements of trumpets and violins check marks a number of boxes in the type of music that I enjoy. And while the music borrows elements from similar bands of this type (i.e. Beirut) and doesn’t challenge you as much; sometimes you just have to appreciate music that’s easy, pleasurable, and can quickly be consumed.

Their sophomore album, Rooms Filled With Light, is built pretty much in the same way. Though not as immediate as its predecessor, the songs are just as harmonious. They have a slow-creeping pleasure quality to them that by the third time you listen to the record, you will feel like you have been listening to these songs all your life. And I meant that as a compliment.

The single Deconstruction, embedded below, pretty much fits what I described about Fanfarlo‘s music. Check it out along with Shiny Things and it’s creepy video. The whole album can also be streamed at NPR’s First Listen website.

Fanfarlo are visiting St Louis on 3/19 at the Duck Room in Blueberry Hill. Head on over to listen to some good orchestral pop and have your spirits lifted on a Monday night (tickets here)

Fanfarlo – Rooms Filled With Light comes out 2/28 via Canvasback (order here)


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