Album To Check Out: Memoryhouse – The Slideshow Effect

The music that Toronto-based ambient-pop duo Memoryhouse creates exists in the far-edge recess of your mind. There’s a hint of warmth longing and romantic nostalgia within the songs. They remind you of the first time you held hands walking through the pier; the first time you huddled together under the blanket in warmth while rain is gently pouring through outside; the first time you kissed.

Denise Nouvion, who does photography on the side, channels the lovely gentleness of her photos into the songs she sing. She serves as the chanteuse to Evan Abelee’s compositions. Her voice clearly and brightly shining through the hazy dreamscape that Abelee has built.

The Slidshow Effect is an excellent debut of a record. It is perfect for those who long to unearth memories of their past and those who still chase after dreams of lost and forgotten loves. Check out the lovely cinematic videos for songs Heirloom and Bonfire below. The album is streaming in full right now at Spin’s website.

Memoryhouse – The Slideshow Effect comes out 2/28 via Subpop (order here)


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