Album To Check Out: Trust – Trst

Trust is the dark electronica project of Toronto-based duo Robert Alfons and Maya Postepski (you may recognize her as the drummer for Austra).  The band specializes in creating gothic electronic dance music, for which Trst is their debut record.

If you were a fan of Austra and of Maya, you will most likely enjoy Trust as well (Robert sings lead here). There’s less of the operatic theatrics of Austra in Trust‘s music and more of a chilling synthy groove. You can almost feel a foreboding sense of doom as you wallow in its maws.

Check out the disturbing video for Candy Walls, as well as the stream for album closer Sulk past the creepy album cover art below.

Trust – Trst comes out 2/28 via Arts & Crafts (order here)



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One Response to Album To Check Out: Trust – Trst

  1. Must check this out when i get the chance thanks!

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