Concert Gallery: Polica @ The Old Rock House

Polica bought its brand of sexy, autotuned jazzy R&B to the Old Rock House last night. Led by singer Channy Leaneagh, Polica had two drummers and a bassist pushing the beats with a backing module providing the melody. Channy was a compelling lead, although she preferred to stay by the back right of the stage in order to give due to the powerful bashing of her two drummers.

While I missed the first opening band, Total Fucking Blood, the second opener, Marijuana Deathsquads gave a very interesting performance. Led by Ryan Olson of Gayngs and composed loosely of a collective of musicians (mostly members of Gayngs and the Minnesota music scene;  Channy was part of the group tonight). Marijuana Deathsquads had, similar to Polica, two drummers with four other members twisting knobs and laptops, and singing using auto-tunes and voice modulations.

Photo gallery from the show, as well as a live video of album standout Amongster embedded below.


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