Album To Check Out: Zammuto – Zammuto

Zammuto is Nick Zammuto of experimental folk-electronica duo, The Books – a band that he formed with cellist Paul de Jong. Shortly after The Books made a low-key announcement of their breakup, Nick decided to start a new musical direction with his self-named band, recruiting friends and family (brother Mikey is on bass).

By expanding the lineup of his band, one would think that Zammuto would be an evolution of the sounds of The Books. Instead, what we get is a slight devolution. Call it The Books-lite if you will. And this is not necessarily a bad thing. Let me explain.

For many, a lot of the experimental songs created by The Books have an air of impenetrability to them. While songs like these often reward repeated listeners, it can also turn off some people from the music.

The songs created by Zammuto then is airier and more accessible. It still uses the same formula as the songs from The Books – musical samples mixed with acoustic instruments. And the weirdness and experimentalism is definitely not lost – there are lots of vocal layering, auto-tuning, and sample loopsing still going on. But the denseness is lifted and the songs are more straight-forward. And Zammuto is, in a lot of ways, better off for it.

Check out the embedded list of songs below to hear this “new” Zammuto. Idiom Wind is a standout track.

Zammuto – Zammuto comes out 4/10 via Temporary Residence (order here)

Too Late to Topologize


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