Album To Check Out: Spiritualized – Sweet Heart Sweet Light

One of the greater albums released during the 90s was Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating In Space by UK space rock band, Spirtualized. The album, released in 1997, was a masterful epic, clocking in at a little over an hour and utilizes an avante-garde string quartet and gospel choir. It was voted as NME’s album of the year, beating out among others, Radiohead‘s Okay Computer.

It is with little surprise then, that three albums and 15 years later, Spiritualized is looking back towards its most critically adored album for inspiration. Leadman and only constant member, Jason Pierce claims that their newest album Sweet Heart Sweet Light was conceived partly after performing Ladies and Gentlemen.. live in its entirety as part of the ATP Festival in 2009.

No question, this is a majestic grand record (despite the confusing huh? album cover). First single Hey Jane is a chugging 10-minute psychedelic trip. The best part of the album though are its tender moments. On album closer, So Long You Pretty Things, Jason begins with a sing-along with his daughter, and went on to confess his vulnerability and confusion. Sometimes, the quiet moments are the best.

Check out the official (NSFW) video for Hey Jane and a live performance of So Long You Pretty Things below.

Spiritualized – Sweet Heart Sweet Light comes out 4/17 via Fat Possum (order here)


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