Album To Check Out: Jack White – Blunderbuss

Given his prominence and myriad of activities within the musical landscape, it is very surprising that Jack White has never released a solo album before. It is true, Blunderbuss represents Jack White’s debut as a solo artist after more than 15 years in the music industry. And it wouldn’t have happened if RZA didn’t stood him up.

If you were a fan of The White Stripes (who isn’t?), The Raconteurs, The Dead Weather, or of any of the eccentric curio-related projects that White spearheaded for Third Man records (single release via balloons!, 3 RPM records!!, ICP collaboration!!!), there’s a very good chance you have already rushed to your computer last night to stream the album on iTunes one week before its release.

What you will discover is a Jack White that is reminiscent of some of his best moments from The White Stripes, with a wider range of genres mixed in. Blunderbuss is an album of contrasts and combinations – there’s a mixture of garage rock, soul-blues, gospel rock, and owing to his relocation to the Tennessee south, acoustic country. It also sounds like something that Jack White would throw together one lazy afternoon in his studios. Blunderbuss is a fantastic little album that sounds even better upon repeated listens. Let’s hope this is not a one-off.

Check out the schizophrenic Sixteen Saltines and the more gentle Love Interruption embedded below.

Jack White – Blunderbuss comes out 4/24 via Third Man Records (order here)


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