Cool Stuff: Record Store Day – The Pictures

So it was yet another fun and exhausting day last Saturday for Record Store Day!

Saturday morning was pretty chilly in St Louis, so I arrived only at a quarter before doors opened at 10AM at Vintage Vinyl to avoid the cold. Already, a decent sized line has formed outside the store when I arrived. I ended probably around 40-something in line, which wasn’t too bad.

After doors opened, it would be another 2 hours before I get to the RSD-exclusives line. Luckily, the wait went by pretty fast as the vibes inside was really chill and the music being played by the DJs were great. Everyone was excited to be getting the new records and from overhearing conversations, it looks like there are a couple of people visiting the record store for the first time! Awesome! Even better, I was able to secure all of the records that I wanted plus a few more! My wallet definitely wasn’t happy with me!

Later in the afternoon I visited Euclid Records to check out what’s happening on the other side of the town. Despite being late in the day and the fact that most of the RSD stuff have been sold out already, a good sized crowd are still hanging and shopping around. The vibe was excellent, and I definitely feel a strong sense of community as I see a lot of families and parents bringing their kids to the store.

All in all, another excellent Record Store Day! Looking forward to next year already!


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2 Responses to Cool Stuff: Record Store Day – The Pictures

  1. 70dayweekend says:

    Nice pics! Jealous you snagged the Beach House 7″

  2. Thanks, I was surprised it was still there when I got there! Good thing my store got a good stack of the records!!

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