Album To Check Out: Lower Dens – Nootropics

Twin Hand Movement, the fantastic and severely underrated debut album of the Jan Hunter-led Baltimore band Lower Dens was a favorite of mine when it came out two years ago. It was a spare, foggy low-droning album filled with tension and anticipation. The songs serve as a mask and outlet for Hunter and her thoughts, who as a lead singer and performer, is as painfully shy and reclusive as you can get.

So  it is with great excitement that I await Lower Den‘s sophomore album, Nootropics. And I can say now that it is worth the wait. Named appropriately after the smart drug and memory enhancer, Nootropics is even more psychedelic and experimental than its predecessor. There’s a dullness to the steadying beats of the songs that lulls you to a sense of discomfort that is paradoxically enjoyable.

This is as slow-burning of a album as you can get. My initial listen to the album made me think that it was slightly inferior to the debut. But repeated listens have allowed me to uncover different layers to the songs. Like its namesake drug, these repeated listens only serve to make the experience better. A highly recommended album that you should seek out.

Check out the pulsating first single Brains embedded below.

Lower Dens – Nootropics comes out 5/1 via Ribbon (order here)


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