Band Discovery: Buke and Gase

Buke and Gase are the similarly named DIY Brooklyn duo of Aron Sanches (him) and Arone Dyer (her). Their first names aren’t the only ones causing confusion. The band used to be known as Buke and Gass. They changed the last letter of Gass, because apparently people don’t know how to pronounce it.

Or as they helpfully explained in a limerick:

If there was one thing to replace
It would be the last S in Gass,
There isn’t much class
When rhymed with sassafras,
So we changed it to E just in case.

With Love,
Buke and Gase

In case you’re wondering, the band name came from the fact that Aron plays a baritone ukelele (buke) and Arone plays a combination guitar bass (gass/gase).

Check out this interesting duo by streaming  their newest single Hiccup below. (Their live shows are very unorthodox as they incorporate a mixture of snares and drums to their already unusual instruments).. Their sophomore album is planned to be release in September.


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