Album to Check Out: Beach House – Bloom

Two years ago, I declared Teen Dream, the terrific third album of Baltimore duo Beach House to be my favorite album of 2010. So you can imagine my excitement and wild anticipation earlier this year when the band announced its forthcoming album, Bloom.

Needless to say, those expectations were easily met.

Bloom, as its name suggests, feels like the culmination of the band’s work from its three previous albums. Beach House has perfected that ethereal, atmospheric sound that wraps around the mesmerizing, melancholic vocals of lead singer Victoria Legrand. From the spare insular sounds off its debut, Beach House‘s songs have grown bigger and more involved to the point that the songs off Bloom almost seem arena worthy, in spite of its introspective, introverted nature.

While I still prefer the intimacy of Teen Dream, there is no denying that Bloom is an exceptional album. It is a grower, one that gets better and better through repeated listens. And it demands your attention – the robustness of the album requires you to listen to it as a whole. Do not miss this.

Check out the streams for Bloom‘s first two singles below – the beautiful haunting Myth (a track that I feel is one of the best this year) and the Record Store Day single Lazuli.

Beach House are coming to St Louis to play at The Pageant on 7/11 together with another amazing band Wild Nothing. Seriously, you need to go see them (tickets here)

Beach House – Bloom comes out 5/15 via Subpop (order here)


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4 Responses to Album to Check Out: Beach House – Bloom

  1. 70dayweekend says:

    Right now, I’m still preferring Teen Dream, but I think that could change when I’ve listened to Bloom as much as I listened to Teen Dream. Also – jealous they’re coming through your town! No TX dates for us.

    • I felt the same way as you. It was hard comparing it to Teen Dream because I loved that album so much and on first listen. But I have been listening to Bloom multiple times now and it is growing on me real fast.

      I am also ecstatic they are playing St Louis at a relatively intimate mid sized venue, instead of me going to Chicago to see them at P4K fest. They did announce they will be adding more dates so keep your fingers crossed.

      • 70dayweekend says:

        Yeah, venue size makes a HUGE difference. Saw them headline in a 200-person venue and it was perfect. Saw them open for Vampire Weekend in at 1500+ venue and it was meh. Not the band’s fault – just that their music really demands a smaller setting (or at least an enthused crowd).

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