Album To Check Out: Elite Gymnastics – Ruin 4

Elite Gymnastics are the Minneapolis-based electronics production duo of James Brooks and Josh Clancy. Elite Gymnastic‘s domain is the Internet, and their sound is a mixture of ambient chillwave and droning drumbeats, of hip-hop samples and videogame soundtracks. The crown jewel of their music is their Ruin EP series, the majority of which they have released on the interwebs.

Ruin 1 and 2 were released simultaneously last summer – each a series of six tracks that are mirror-image of each other. While Ruin 1 is composed fast, acerbic tracks that fit at home at a raging, dancing club. Ruin 2 cuts the speed of the same tracks by half and recasts them as downbeat alternatives for chilling at home.

Ruin 3, released just last month (and which you can download for FREE here) builds upon the previous 2 releases and is composed of Elite Gymnastics parceling out the earlier Ruin tracks to various like-minded artists such as How To Dress Well and CFCF to remix the tracks, to delightful results.

Finally, (these guys don’t rest do they?), Elite Gymnastics is readying Ruin 4 for physical release this month. Ruin 4 is basically composed of Ruin 3 plus two additional original tracks.

Check out various incarnations and remixes of the track Here in Heaven embedded below.

Elite Gymnastics – Ruin 4 comes out 5/8 via Acephale (order here)


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