Concert Gallery: Memoryhouse @ The Gramophone

Last night brought the Toronto-based trio Memoryhouse to play an intimate show at the Gramophone here in St Louis. Despite being besieged by sound and technical problems, as well as a late, late starting time, Memoryhouse gamely braved on and serenaded the evening with a nice mix of dreamy ethereal music. Evan Abelee’s airy guitars provided a nice backdrop to Denise Nouvion’s lovely alto.

I got the chance to see Memoryhouse last November at the Old Rockhouse before they had their debut record The Slideshow Effect out. Since then, the songs they have played have become more livelier and more rocking due to the new record.

Memoryhouse have had a string of bad luck recently –their gear was stolen from their van while they were in Washington DC. But it was great to see them continue touring and coming back here to St Louis. They definitely are deserving of a bigger audience.

Check out pictures from the concert below. Embedded also is the video I took last November of their concert, as well as the whole stream of The Slideshow Effect.


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