Album To Check Out: Sigur Ros – Valtari

Valtari, the sixth full length album from Icelandic shoegazers Sigur Ros is a thing of beauty. But you didn’t need me telling you in order for you to know that.

Sigur Ros are well known for creating some of the most atmospheric, the most pristine, and yes, the most beautiful music by any artist. Their music have been known to soundtrack films, used in nature documentaries, and played in weddings. In fact, just listening to Sigur Ros‘s songs while taking a walk makes everything feels more epic.

What you may be interested in knowing is that Valtari shares more similarities to Sigur Ros‘s earlier discography, namely ( ) and the amazing Agaetis byrjun (my personal favorite) than with its later more rockier releases. It is a quieter and more intimate record, full of those smaller knowing moments that just make you smile. There are far less lyrics and singing as well. In fact, the last three songs beginning with Vardeldur form one complete suite that more than once gave me goosebumps.

Valtari is one of those rare wonderful records, one of the best releases this year for sure. Cherish it and share it with a loved one.

Check out the moving video for Ekki mukk below. I need to listen to this while watching a sunset.

Sigur Ros – Valtari comes out 5/29 via EMI/XL (order here)


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