Album To Check Out: Metric – Synthetica

Metric has had quite an interesting ride. Born from the super band collective Broken Social Scene, some would argue that Emily Haines, Jimmy Shaw, and company have become more popular than their original Canadian family. With their catchy new-wave style songs and a standout imposing lead in Haines, it is easy to see how so many fans have grown to love Metric.

Even as the band has gone more mainstream (song in the Twilight soundtrack!), Metric still maintains an independent edge, preferring to publish their own records. It is this independent spirit that has allowed Metric the freedom to flourish and record their own type of music.

Synthetica, the band’s fifth studio album and follow-up to the fantastic Fantasties, maintains this wonderful consistency. Artificial Nocturne starts this slow build in the record that allows you a sneak peak into the rock that is to come, recalling the best parts from Live It Out (arguably their best record). Youth Without Youth, the first single, is a prototypical Metric song, one full of Emily Haines’ coos and employs a driving chugging beat. There are even hidden surprises near the end as penultimate track The Wanderlust has Lou Reed doing guest vocals. A typical very enjoyable Metric record.

Prop up your feet and enjoy listening to the full stream of the whole album below.

Metric are coming to St Louis on 10/2 to play at The Pageant. This will be the first time I see Metric in their own headlining show. Excited for this (tickets here)

Metric – Synthetica comes out 6/12 via MMI/Mom + Pop (order here)


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