Album To Check Out: Exitmusic – Passage

Writing this blog, I tend to check out a lot of new bands and listen to a lot of new music. I try to highlight those bands and their upcoming albums that have caught my interest and those that I believe, will be of interest to the readers of this blog. And I try to write about them around a week before their actual release. Inevitably though, I miss out on some bands and their albums fall through the cracks. Such is the case of Passage, the fantastic debut album of Brooklyn duo Exitmusic.

Exitmusic are married couple Aleksa Palladino and Devon Church and theirs is an interesting story that could very well come out from a movie. Meeting at a train while backpacking in Canada whilst they were teenagers, they said their goodbyes after trying to watch a meteor shower. She moved to New York to become an actress, while he went to Asia to teach English. He eventually pursued her and they settled in Brooklyn and started a band, naming themselves after that Radiohead song.

Passage is an underrated brilliant gem of an album. Cinematic yet insular at the same time, the music paint a tragic-romantic soundscape that engulfs your senses. The songs are fuzzy and heavily textured, filled with reverb and loops. Palladino’s voice, like Victoria LeGrand of Beach House, has an unmistakeable androgynous beauty to it. This is music inevitably built to score a movie – most likely one with a tragic ending where the two romantic leads kill themselves. Haunting, arresting, and epic, Passage is one of my favorite records of the year. And I’m glad I got the chance to discover it.

Check out the cinematic videos embedded below for two of the album’s highlights, the title track Passage and The Night.

Exitmusic – Passage comes out 5/22 via Secretly Canadian (order here)


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