Concert Gallery: Beach House w/ Wild Nothing @ The Pageant

Wednesday night brought Baltimore’s Beach House to the Pageant here in St Louis. It was not four short years ago that Beach House visited St Louis and played a tiny, free show at the cafeteria of St Louis University, a fact that Alex Scally gave a shout-out to during the show (the Billiken Club is sorely missed).

Now, after the huge success of this year’s Bloom and predecessor Teen Dream, Beach House is conquering the big stage. And they ARE fit for the big stage. With outsized emotions, spectacular lightworks, and a huge sounding sound, Beach House‘s music was built to fit arenas. At the same time, the hugeness doesn’t hide the fact that Beach House can be intimate. Its music is about relationships and about closeness. “I want to make this show as intimate as possible”, mused Victoria Legrand. Wednesday night, they achieved both. An absolutely stunning show.

Opener Wild Nothing helped started the mood by laying down some fine, chill-worthy jams, playing heavily new songs that they will debut in their coming sophomore record this fall.

Check out pictures from the show below, as well as a video of Lazuli recorded live.


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