Concert Gallery: Dirty Projectors w/ Wye Oak @ The Pageant

Tuesday night brought an amazing twin bill of the Dirty Projectors with Wye Oak to the Pageant in St Louis. It was the first time that the Dirty Projectors came to St Louis and they didn’t disappoint their legion of fans that came for this midweek show. I was particularly excited because of how much I loved their newest record.

Confidently led by band leader Dave Longstreth and muse Amber Coffman, the band gave an inviting, intimate performance to the adoring crowd. The Dirty Projectors wouldn’t be who they were though without solid backings from the bass and drum combos of Nat Baldwin and Mike Johnson, as well as wonderful harmonies from Haley Dekle and the newest Projector, Olga Bell. The most impressive parts for me were the Amber-led girls three-way-relay harmony tour-DE-force songs like Mount Wittenberg Orca-cut Beautiful Mother. Those songs kinda blew my mind. This was definitely a show that left me wanting for more.

As opposed to the Dirty Projectors, Wye Oak have been frequent visitors to St Louis. They presented a powerful short opening set filled with new songs as well favorites from last year’s underrated record Civilian.

Check out photos from the show embedded below as well as live videos from Dirty Projectors‘ set opener Swing Lo Magellan and set closer Impregnable Question. A recording of an unnamed new song from Wye Oak is also included.


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