Album To Check Out: Purity Ring – Shrines

I have spoke at length about my fascination with electro-pop duo Purity Ring. With swirling synths, arresting stop-start beats from producer Corin Roddick, and ghostly girlish vocals from singer Megan James, Purity Ring invoked comparisons to The Knife with a more pop-oriented beat.

Purity Ring started releasing songs that would eventually become part of their debut record early last year. When Ungirthed, the first of these songs initially came out, listeners’ interests were piqued. Here was a new sound shining out from the world of music. After Ungirthed, came Belispeak, then Obedear – a new song seemingly emerging every three or four months. People were intrigued. Purity Ring eventually signed to 4AD last spring and a full length album was being eagerly anticipated.

Now, more than a year later, Shrines, Purity Ring‘s first full length debut record has finally come out. And it is as fully-formed as the early songs promised. The new songs are just as a compelling listen as the old ones. This an excellent record that needs to be welcomed and lavished praise on.

Check out the trippy videos for album highlights Fineshrine and Obedear embedded below.

Purity Ring are coming to St Louis on 8/26 to play at the Firebird. I heard that their live show brings with it an amazing light show and is something that is not to be missed. (tickets here)

Purity Ring – Shrines comes out 7/24 via 4AD (order here)


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One Response to Album To Check Out: Purity Ring – Shrines

  1. 70dayweekend says:

    I think “fineshrine” is my favorite. there’s something about the “To peer over and not forget what feet are” line that gets me EVERY TIME.

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