Album To Check Out: Poolside – Pacific Standard Time

Los Angeles-based Poolside are the DJ duo of Filip Nikolic and Jeffrey Paradise. Nikolic is originally from Denmark while Paradise is from San Francisco. The two met, way back in 2004, at one of the SF parties that Paradise was DJing, and decided that they wanted to collaborate together.

But because of heavy schedules and different projects with their own bands, the two didn’t get a chance to create music together until 2010 when they released their first single, Do You Believe. It was another single that they released earlier this year called Slow Down that gave them a rising hit and made them buckle down and actually create an album together.

Pacific Standard Time, Poolside‘s debut record, is a chilly, synthy affair that borrows heavily from smooth R&B jams and slowed-down electro-pop art. As their band name implies, the music is an almost-too-perfect complement for when you are sitting poolside, drinking your long island iced tea, and kicking back relaxing.

Check out standout track, the immersive, wet Slow Down embedded below.

Poolside – Pacific Standard Time comes out 7/9 via Day & Night (order here)



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2 Responses to Album To Check Out: Poolside – Pacific Standard Time

  1. Nic S says:

    I just heard this song yesterday on XMU, and loved it. I believe the dj referred to it as electro disco chill. right up my alley.

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