Album To Check Out: Eternal Summers – Correct Behavior

Eternal Summers started out as the Virginia-based duo of Nicole Yun and Daniel Cundiff. On their debut record Silver, the Appalachian duo created a lo-fi, retro-tinged mix of dream pop and post punk. It’s all very minimalist and innocent and pure.

Well, Eternal Summers are taking it up a notch. Not only have they expanded the membership of their group to three with new member Jonathan Woods, but they have abandoned their lo-fi sensibilities behind. Every song in their sophomore record Correct Behavior sounds fuller and more epic – amplifying Yun’s yelps and howls. It’s the same dream pop and post-punk sound as their earlier work, but Eternal Summers are moving on to bigger things.

Check out the retro-flavored videos for singles Wonder and Millions embedded below.

Eternal Summers – Correct Behavior comes out 7/24 via Kanine (order here)


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