Concert Gallery: Lollapalooza Day 1

I finally made it back to my first ever Lollapalooza and WOW, that the most amazing weekend ever! I’m going to break down the photos and videos by day – Day 2 will be up tomorrow and Day 3 the day after.

Day 1 started off with a bang! We got in late after driving in from St Louis, thereby missing in on Metric whom I wanted to see. After checking in for a couple of songs for the weirdness that is Die Antwoord, we were immediately whisked in to see Passion Pit, whom I have won side stage passes for. No way was I prepared for the view that I was about to see we got up on the side-stage, it was literally jaw-dropping (you can see it from the video I posted below). Passion Pit killed it of course. It was such a treat seeing Micheal Angelakos dancing on stage, exhibiting so much joy, after his documented mental problems. It was the first full-set of Lollapalooza, and already my mind was blown.

We next went to see M83 at the other side of the field. Though there were sound issues at the stage, it was still a jump-fest when Midnight City came on. The crowd just exploded at the song.

By late evening, we opted to skip The Black Keys (though we got to catch some of the music and fireworks when we walked past), and instead went to see Bassnectar. I had never been a fan of dub-stub or EDM, but the moment we landed on Perry’s, my senses were immediately overwhelmed. Full-on laser lights, booming bass music, people with crazy costumes getting their rave on. I get you now dub-step, I get you now.

Finally, we ran off to catch the tail-end of the reunited Black Sabbath‘s set. Black Sabbath is rock royalty, so no way are we missing this reunion. Ozzie, as old as he is and all hunched up, still kills it and plays like a rock god. He is probably also the coolest grand-pa I had ever seen. If I have a second grand-pa, I want it to be Ozzie!

Check out the photo gallery from the day 1 of the fest, plus an embedded jaw-dropping video of Passion Pit playing Take A Walk! Day 2 coming tomorrow!


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