Concert Gallery: Lollapalooza Day 3

Well the final day of Lollapalooza finally arrived, and by then I already felt like a veteran of the festival after two excitement-filled days. We arrived early for a change to catch a chilled-back set from London’s Bombay Bicycle Club. The laid back set started things off right on a cooled-down, relaxing Sunday morning.

After making one last round of grabbing more Lolla freebies, I split with my friend and made my way over to the tail-end of bluegrass group Trampled by Turtles‘ set so that I can get a good spot for Sigur Ros, the band I most wanted to see at the festival.

It was an hour’s wait at the mud (still wet from the previous day’s storm and smelling horribly like manure mixed with vomit) for Sigur Ros; but when Jonsi and company came out, it was all worth it. The music was beautiful and goosebumps-inducing and all too perfect. I have never been filled with so much as I have after listening to Sigur Ros‘s set. Oh Jonsi, why do you make me tear up!!

After calming down, I reunited with my buddy to go see Of Monsters and Men to get our folk in. OMAM led a fun-filled rollicking sing-along. Between them and Sigur Ros, I think I kinda want to move to Iceland.

Finally, we closed out the day by going to see the enchanted fairy creature that is Florence and the Machine. The anthemic Shake It Out seems like the perfect way to close out Lollapalooza. We left early so that we could head over to the after-party at the Empty Bottle featuring Chairlift and Alt-J, which you can read about tomorrow.

All in all, my first Lollapalooza was an amazing life-changing experience. Go to a big music festival if you have the chance. It will thrill, exhaust, and excite you in all the right ways. I’m so ready for next year’s edition!

Check out the photo gallery for the last day of the festival plus videos of Sigur Ros and Of Monsters and Men embedded below.


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