Concert Gallery: Chairlift with Alt-J @ Empty Bottle (Lollapalooza After-party)

Sunday night officially marked the end of my first Lollapalooza with an after-party at the Empty Bottle featuring Chairlift and Alt-J. And what an end it was!

British rising pop-rockers Alt-J started the night off with a spirited set of songs from their yet-to-debut-stateside album, An Awesome Wave. Even though this was only their first appearance in the US, they already have a sizable group of fans at the venue singing along and dancing to their songs. And it’s easy to see why, their songs incredibly rhythmic and catchy with almost a tribal beat to it. These guys have potential to be very big.

Chairlift came on later to continue the dance-fest. They are actually one of the main reasons why I wanted to go to Lollapalooza as they are not currently touring St Louis. In some ways, I am kind of glad I didn’t see their performance at Lollapalooza itself (their set was postponed to late Sunday evening from Saturday because of the storms), as listening to Chairlift in a small intimate dark club seems like the perfect way to do it. Chairlift kiled it of course. It was an euphoric great time – a perfect end to Lollapalooza.

Check out the photos taken from the after-party as well as the videos taken of Alt-J performing Matilda and Chairlift performing I Belong in Your Arms.


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