Album To Check Out: Bloc Party – Four

The title of British rock band Bloc Party‘s newest full length, Four, is very symbolic. It has been four years since the band released their last full-length, the slightly disappointing Intimacy. There are four members of the talented band. And yes, this is the band’s fourth full-length album.

The truth is, Four the album was almost never made. After touring from Intimacy, the band went though a lengthy hiatus where leadman Kele Okedere tried to go at it solo by releasing his own album while members of the band went on their own separate projects and bands. There were talks of irreconcilable differences.

I’m glad it all worked out though. And while it was strongly hinted that Four will be Bloc Party‘s farewell record, fans of churging and dance-worthy Brit-rock at least have one of their idols back for one more round.

Welcome back Bloc Party by dancing to their newest single Octopus, embedded below.

Bloc Party –  Four comes out 8/21 via Frenchkiss (order here)


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