Concert Gallery: Purity Ring @ The Firebird

Last night bought Montreal’s Purity Ring to the Firebird here in St Louis for a late evening of amazing music. Because Loufest, the big indie music festival in St Louis, was taking place that same night (Flaming Lips were the headliners Sunday night), I figured that there might be less people coming in to see Purity Ring.

Boy, was I wrong! The Firebird was packed with people eager to check out the experimental electronic sounds of the band. I guess a lot of people, like me, decided to skip Loufest this year on account of wanting to see Purity Ring.

And Purity Ring is indeed a band that needs to be seen live. With their elaborate set-up of lanterns and lights (including bulbs and a huge bass drum that lights up when hit), Purity Ring has created an amazingly unique and visually stimulating concert experience. Combine that with their futuristic pop sound and a very enthusiastic live crowd, last night’s show made me very glad to have skipped Loufest and instead see Purity Ring live instead. You definitely need to experience them once.

Check out the photos and video that I took last night of the band’s best song Fineshrine embedded below.


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