Album To Check Out: Angel Olsen – Half Way Home

So it frustrates me somewhat, being that I am currently living in St Louis, that I haven’t heard a lot about Angel Olsen from the local alternative press. Olsen, you see is a St Louis native who has moved to Chicago to establish her musical career. I remember reading a short mention of her two years ago when her debut album, Strange Cacti, came out (a video of Angel doing a live studio session with local public radio KDHX can be found here). It doesn’t help that Olsen is a bit of recluse, not one to publicly promote her works.

But there should be more press about her. Cause the music that Angel Olsen creates, especially from her sophomore album Half Way Home, is all sorts of wonderful. She sings in this mournful, confessional manner on songs about death and finality, with a voice that ranges from silent whispers to raging, creaking wails, that absolutely destroys your heart. She has this unique tone, not unlike Marissa Nadler or Joanna Newsom, that somehow just seems like a perfect fit for her songs.

Angel Olsen‘s star is starting to shine though. As part of Will Oldham’s (Bonnie “Prince” Billy) backing band, Olsen’s unique and heart-wrenching vocals has started getting her noticed. Ignore her at your own risk.

Stream the eerie Acrobat (“I love the way you voice is sex”) and the stunning Tiniest Seed embedded below.

Angel Olsen – Half Way Home comes out 9/4 via Bathetic Records (order here)


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