Album To Check Out: Dum Dum Girls – End of Daze EP

Ever since Dee Dee (real name Kristen Gundred) founded the all-girl noise rock band, Dum Dum Girls, you can tell that she’s very serious about her craft. From giving everyone in the band singular names (other members include Jules, Sandy, and Malia) to having a strict all-black dress code during performances (even outside in the sun!) to strictly adhering to their retro DIY sound base, Dee Dee seems very intent and particular about the band’s aesthetics and musical direction.

It almost seems ironic then, that the pinnacle of Dee Dee’s intentions were achieved in an EP, rather than in a full-length. Their latest short form record, End of Daze, sees the Dum Dum Girls at the top of their game. After coming out with two very good LPs, it is their latest EP which sees the girls perfecting their noisy garage-based sound. Dee Dee is in full Chrissy Hynde mode here, cooing and wailing at the right spots. The instruments are a little louder and just a little fuller, embracing an atmospheric wall that is absent from their earlier records.

Full of confidence, the Dum Dum Girls takes the listener on a 20 minute tour-de-force on the EP. After such an excellent outing, is there anything left for the band to do? Knowing Dee Dee though, you just know that they are going to try much harder next time.

Check out the video for the excellent, excellent (moody) lead single Lord Knows embedded below.

Dum Dum Girls – End of Days EP comes out 9/25 via Subpop (order here)


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