Concert Gallery: The Avett Brothers @ The Fabulous Fox Theatre

Saturday night bought The Avett Brothers to a sold out show at the beautiful Fabulous Fox Theatre here in St Louis. My friend Amy, who is a huuuge Avett Brothers fan, has been convincing me for a while now to see them live, claiming that their live shows are so, so much greater than their recorded albums. Saturday night was my first chance to see them live. And boy, was she right!

The Avett Brothers threw down a high energy, non-stop foot-stomping, hand-clapping, two-and-a-half-hour dancefest (there were no openers). The rapturous crowd was on their feet the whole time. No one sat down the moment the boys came on stage. Everyone had a huge smile on their face, from the little seven-year-old girl sitting two seats beside me to the older couple in front. Everyone knows the lyrics and is not afraid to sing along! The brothers know this and seem especially grateful to the love they are getting from the crowd.

And the ballads…wow, they were amazing, especially at an intimate and beautiful venue such as the Fabulous Fox Theatre, which is probably the prettiest venue in town, usually reserved for high-end musicales. If you were going to ask someone to marry you at a concert, it would most probably be at this show and especially as the Scott Avett sings the line, “Three words that become hard to say…”

Amazing, amazing show. I believe now Amy.

Check out the photos and videos I took from the show below.


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