Concert Gallery: Metric @ The Pageant

Last night brought Canadian rock band Metric to The Pageant in St Louis. Metric has been one of the first bands that I fell in love with and it was a long-awaited treat to finally see them live! (Dirty little secret, I went to Lilith Fair two years ago just to see Metric, who were one of the openers). It was definite rocking dance-fest at the concert.

If you were doubting it before, then seeing them last night should dispel any notion that Metric are true rock stars. And that goes double for their ultra charismatic front-woman Emily Haines. There’s no other way of going about it, Emily Haines is a bad-ass bona-fide true rock star. She owned the stage last night and I’m pretty sure every hot-blooded male (and even some females) in the audience were in love with her.

Check out photos from the concert last night (including me finding Emily at the end of the show signing autographs for her fans), as well as a very sweet and lovely message that Emily had for the audience near the end of the show before breaking off to sing an acoustic version of the magical Gimme Sympathy.


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