Album To Check Out: Tilly And The Wall – Heavy Mood

The Omaha, Nebraska five-piece band, Tilly And The Wall, have always been about youthful exuberance. Purposely twee, Tilly And The Wall‘s songs are actually been more anthemic shouts, foot-stomps, and hand claps. And instead of a drummer, Tilly And The Wall achieves percussion beats through the tap dancing of member Jamie Pressnall.

So what happens when a twee band, meant to represent youthful excitement, grows old, get married, and have kids? It has been four years since Tilly And The Wall‘s last studio album O. Their newest album Heavy Mood, finds the band at a different stage in their life. Still, Tilly And The Wall perseveres on. While a bit more subdued than their earlier efforts, Heavy Mood still finds the band protesting and shouting and singing happily along, like nothing has changed. You could never keep a twee band down. They’re just too darn cheery and danceable. I definitely enjoyed this record. (Welcome back Tilly And The Wall!)

Check out the video for chanting closing track Defenders embedded below.

Tilly And The Wall are coming to St Louis on 10/19 to play at the Firebird (tickets here)

Tilly And The Wall – Heavy Mood comes out 10/2 via Team Love (order here)


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