Concert Gallery: Stars @ Plush

Friday night bought veteran Canadian indie poppers Stars to Plush in St Louis. I was very very excited to see this show as Stars have been one of the first bands that I got into when I started listening to music (and have been constant favorites ever since) and this was my first time seeing them live. And Stars certainly didn’t disappoint.

While, Torquill Campbell and Amy Millan sounded a bit hoarse during the beginning, the concert started becoming really, really good as the night went along. Stars did a long set of not just the main cuts from the its excellent new album The North, but also some select choice hits from their storied discography. It certainly helped that the whole crowd was really into it, singing and shouting  along to each and every lyric. I had a wild and magnificent time.

There were two openers. While I arrived a little late to see California Wives, I did get to catch the set from Diamond Rings, who all confidence and flamboyance. Kudos to him.

Check out the gallery below for photos from the concert, as well as video for Opening song The Theory Of Relativity.


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