Band Discovery: Io Echo

Io Echo are the LA-based duo Ioanna Gika and Leopold Ross. By creating an hazy, atmospheric wall of sound mixed with non-traditional instruments such as Japanese koto harps and Chinese violins, Io Echo have succeeded in creating a brand of music that’s both moody and epic. Buzz terms such as “Grunge Goth” and “New Orientalism” have been used to describe the band.

Io Echo have found some early supporters with the Nine Inch Nails who have asked the duo to open for them on their last tour ever. As they dramatically build their fanbase, Io Echo is definitely hot on my radar for bands to anticipate in the coming months. I’m expecting great things from the duo as they have their prime showcase in CMJ next week in New York.

Io Echo have been working on their official debut record due to hit next year. In the meantime, a self-titled EP will be released next week as a stop-gap. Check out the grandoise When The Lillies Die video embedded below to whet your appetite.


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