Album To Check Out: A.C. Newman – Shut Down The Streets

As lead songwriter of Canadian super-group The New Pornographers, Carl Newman is known writing infectious, incredibly catchy melodies. With talented musicians such as Dan Bejar of Destroyer and Neko Case as band mates, it’s not difficult to imagine how seamless it was to hear Newman’s great melodies transform into these epic large-scale songs. The question then is, without these band mates, how does Newman translate his melodic genius?

Re-branding himself as A.C. Newman, we have already seen the results with Newman’s past two solo records, The Slow Wonder and Get Guilty. The result is a more introspective, quiet, yet equally melodious Newman. The hooks in the songs are still there, but in a less brash-ful manner. Shut Down The Streets, Newman’s third solo record continues in the same vein. Instead of reveling in the epic , the drama scale is brought down a notch as Newman reflects more on death, births, and the renewness of life. A.C. Newman is how Carl Newman lets out his thoughtful side.

Check out tracks I’m Not Talking (the most New Pornographers-like song) and Encyclopedia of Classic Takedowns embedded below.

A.C. Newman is coming to St Louis on 10/29 to play at The Duck Room at Blueberry Hill. The Mynabirds are opening (tickets here)

A.C. Newman – Shut Down The Streets comes out 10/9 via Matador (order here)


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