Band Discovery: Sky Ferreira

It seems that Sky Ferreira has always been born for super stardom. Whether by chance and circumstance or by good networking, Ferreira has grown up around and among celebrities. Michael Jackson was a family friend, and after she got into the music industry at the tender age of fourteen, Ferreira has worked with numerous top notch producers and musicians such as Bloodshy & Avant, Jon Brion, and Shirley Manson. In addition, Ferreira dawdled in print modeling and acting. You would think the sky is the limit for this bright, young star.

Not everything always goes to plan though. Ferreira never really achieved the sort of pop success that you would expect given her upbringing with her poppy debut EP As If! back in 2009. So after a couple of false starts, it seems Ferreira is starting anew again. Her long-gestating debut LP, now titled I’m Not Alright, is (supposedly) coming out next year. In the meantime, she has released another more synth-worthy EP, Ghosts, that has struck a critical and commercial chord with listeners. Ferreira is once again, the next big thing.

Check out the video for the fantastic Everything Is Embarassing from the new EP embedded below.


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