Concert Gallery: Jeff Mangum @ The Sheldon

734664_10151402156040428_428039529_nI saw my musical hero and inspiration Jeff Mangum again tonight.

This was my second time seeing him. A little over a year ago, I flew to New Jersey just to see him when he first announced his tour. I got to meet Jeff after that show and he told me he plans to come play in St Louis. Jeff kept his word.

You got to understand something. In The Aeroplane Over The Sea was a very important record in my life – if not the most important. The titular song was the first song I learned on guitar and was the reason I started playing in the first place.

Jeff looked exactly the same as he did in the press photos back in ‘98 before he became a recluse, except now he has a fully grown beard. He is still wearing that same damn newsboy cap and that same ugly sweater as in the photos.

A third of the set in, Jeff asked us to leave our seats and move closer. We quickly jumped up and sat around him on stage as he sang. When he played Two Headed Boy Pt 2, I felt a liberating sense of communion with Jeff and those sitting and singing around me. It was like he was speaking to my soul. It was the most beautiful feeling ever.

I’ll never forget this night.


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5 Responses to Concert Gallery: Jeff Mangum @ The Sheldon

  1. Valerie says:

    I saw Jeff tonight in Wilmington, DE. I felt the same way. Due to his reclusiveness and how near impossible it is to get tickets to a show, I never thought I would get to see him live. And he was so humble and gracious, too. When I heard him do Oh Comely, Two Headed Boy Pt 2, and In the Aeroplane, it felt like bucket list entries I never thought I’d actually get to hear in the same room with him. It was so, so special.

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