Albums To Check Out: Mountains – Centralia

MountainsThe only type of music that New York via Chicago based duo Mountains knew how to do is, as their name suggests, big. While classified technically as an ambient or drone band, that description doesn’t do Mountains justice. Instead each song invites the listener in, starting with simple acoustic plucks of the guitar and then layering them on with electronic effects. The layers build, slowly but beautifully, until it climaxes into epicness.

Their fifth and newest record Centralia seems to be the grandest of them all. It could almost soundtrack nature. There are no short songs here, each of them seems to be a boundless idea on its own. At the center of the record is the 21-minute masterpiece Propeller – a mini-soundtrack in its own right. How two persons could create music this big is a paradox, but one that I will just willfully enjoy.

Check out the final track Living Lens embedded below.

Mountains – Centralia comes out 1/22 via Thrill Jockey (order here)

mountains - cover


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