Album To Check Out: Guards – In Guards We Trust

guards-bandIf you had been to one of Cults‘ shows a couple of years back, you might have noticed a band named Guards opening for them who looks suspiciously like Cults – all young lads and lasses with long dark hair covering their faces. The resemblance though is not intentional or coincidental. The lead singer of Cults, Richie Follin, is the brother of the lead singer of Cults, Madeline Follin. Richie also used to play for Cults.

Well young Richie is now ready to step out of the shadow of older sis Madeline. Guards are getting ready to showcase their debut record, In Guards We Trust. While the trio share some artistic sensibilities with Cults, namely their love of twee-ful, nostalgic, retro-tinged pop, there are differences as well. For one, while Cults‘ songs tend to be stickily sweet and demure, Guards go for jangly and sweeping, going for that epic build. It’s all very catchy and poppy though and one you’ll likely enjoy on first listen.

Guards will be coming to St Louis on 2/26 to open for Menomena at the Firebird (tickets here)

Stream the best song of the record, the towering Ready To Go, embedded below.

Guards – In Guards We Trust comes out 2/5 via Black Bell Records (order here)

guards - album


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