Album To Check Out: My Bloody Valentine – m b v

my-bloody-valentineIf you’re an indie music fan, the biggest event that happened last weekend doesn’t have anything to do with the Super Bowl or Beyonce. It didn’t even happen on Sunday. Rather, the biggest news was that shoe-gaze legends My Bloody Valentine, finally, finally,….finally (!) released a follow-up to their wildly beloved 1991 classic Loveless.

There have been rumors and Kevin Shields interviews and even (gasp) tour announcements, but we never really believed that My Bloody Valentine would release another album. After all, Loveless happened 21 years -a whole generation – ago, and how long did it take Shields to release THAT record?

But then, Saturday happened. And a new album, m b v, was announced and released. And the internet literally broke down as people scrambled to download the new record over the band’s piss-poor server site. It only seems appropriate that we all have to wait a few hours more.

Well, I finally got to listen to it. And yes, it is all you have been yearning for. As with all things MBV related, the new record needs to be listened to as a whole – in a single sitting – m b v builds off from where Loveless left off. The first three tracks, especially, seem like they could flow off effortlessly from the previous record. But then, the songs start to become more distorted and hazy, engulfing you more and more into the sound as it swirls and pushes into you, culminating with the final track wonder 2 enveloping you.

This is a great record not because of the weight of expectations or the lack thereof (who seriously thought that Shields would actually keep his word and deliver a new record?) It is great whether or not you care about Loveless. It is great because and despite the amount of time that Kevin Shields took in recording it. Dwell in it. Live in it.

Stream the opening track she found now embedded below. It’s like they were never gone.

My Bloody Valentine – m b v came out 2/2 via self-release (order here)



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