Album To Check Out: Cheatahs – Extended Plays

cheatahs-bandA funny side story, when I started searching for information for the Cheatahs, I was initially confused why I couldn’t find any information for the band. It was only a little while later that I realized I was searching for Cheetahs the animal, not Cheatahs with an “a” (like “cheating”). So good job on the clever name, Cheatahs!

Cheatahs first started as the solo bedroom project of Canadian Nathan Hewitt, touring guitarist for Male Bonding. Hewitt has since relocated to London and has expanded the band into a quartet. The band’s sound will remind you pleasantly of early 90s alt-rock with fuzzy shoegaze and hooky psych guitar elements thrown in.

Extended Plays is Cheatahs’ debut record and as the name implies, is actually a combination of two EPs that the band released earlier, Coared and SANS. Despite being composed of two separate EPs, the tracks flow well, each of them a burst of adrenaline guitars throwing you into a rush.

Check out the swirling opening track The Swan embedded below. I quite like this track.

Cheatahs – Extended Plays comes out 2/5 via Wichita (order here)



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