Album To Check Out: Foals – Holy Fire

foalsEver since they came out with their debut record Antidotes a couple of years back, English five-piece rockers Foals have been conspicuously trying to escape the late-90s alt-rock/Brit-pop labels given to bands coming from the other side of the pond that play with blazing guitars and high-step beats.  In a sense, they are right. The type of music they play is less math rock and more rave-punk.  They take themselves less seriously and do well with high energy dance-worthy songs.

And they constantly evolve their sounds. From the winning minimalism of Antidotes to the leaping introspection of Total Life Forever, Foals are never truly satisfied with staying with a singular sound. With their third and newest record Holy Fire, Foals have evolved once again. Holy Fire is more playfully experimental than their previous releases. There are less slow songs and more of the epic-building dance vibes that Total Life Forever started. These are all good things.

Foals are coming to St Louis on 6/7 to play at the Pageant (tickets here)

Dance to video of the lead single Inhaler embedded below.

Foals – Holy Fire comes out 2/12 via Warner Bros (order here)

holy fire


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