Album To Check Out: Lady Lamb The Beekeeper – Ripely Pine


Lady Lamb The Beekeeper is Aly Spaltro, the tiny girl from Brunswick, Maine – all of 5’2″ really – with a youthful looking appearance that even betrays her true young age of 23. Inconspicuous as she may be on first impression, you would do best to not ignore Lady Lamb The Beekeeper. For behind this diminutive stature, is one heck of a talent.

I first came across Lady Lamb The Beekeeper late in 2009 based on a song she did for the Tower of Song Festival in Maine. I was immediately taken by the power, the pureness and the world-weary beauty of her voice. I knew then and there that Spaltro was an artist that I should keep my eye on.

Three years and a move to Brooklyn later, Lady Lamb The Beekeeper is now ready to release her debut record. Ripely Pine is the culmination of all Spaltro has done up to this point. The songs were born from countless years and months when Spaltro worked the late night shift as a video clerk at Bart and Greg’s DVD Explosion at Brunswick where, after closing the store for the night, she would lock herself in the basement writing songs, haunted by the ghosts from the famous Bull Moose Record Store next door.

The songs in Ripley Pine showcase the far-reach of Spaltro’s craft. They range from whimsical, simple folk songs to brash, baroque indie pop to full-on choir sing-alongs (sometimes all in one song!!). Best of all, the songs are fully formed – finally getting the whole production treatment that Spaltro’s voice and talent deserved. I have always wondered how much more amazing Aly’s songs would have been given a full backing band after hearing her beautiful, spare melodies from her home recordings. Well now I know. The Ripely Pine version of Crane Your Neck is a beast – guaranteed to fully mess with your emotions.

As you can tell, I truly loved this record. I believe Lady Lamb The Beekeeper is the next great thing. Ignore her at your own risk.

Stream two of the amazing songs from the record, the anxious, playful, Rooftop and the the utterly epic-reaching Bird Balloons embedded below.

Lady Lamb The Beekeeper – Ripely Pine comes out 2/19 via Ba Da Bing (order here)



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