Concert Gallery: Kishi Bashi @ The Firebird

KishiBashi Last Saturday night bought violinist extraordinaire Kishi Bashi to the Firebird here in St Louis. This is Kishi’s  fourth time playing in St Louis over the past year (including the time he opened for Of Montreal), and after telling myself numerous times that I need to go see him, I finally, finally did! And I am glad I did so cause Kishi definitely put on one great show!

If you are familiar with Kishi Bashi, then you are familiar with the sort of whimsical, fantastical music that he creates. During his live show though, Kishi transforms these songs into a more rockier, dancier setting. What makes the songs even bigger now is that Kishi has recruited two new members into his band – Elizabeth Ziman (Zim Zim) from Elizabeth and the Catapult and Mike Savino (Tall Tall) from Tall Tall Trees. Still, what makes the songs tick is Kishi’s ability to loop his vocals, violin playing, and beat-boxing skills into one cohesive magical whole.

Brooklyn trio Plume Giant opened the show. And while this was my first exposure to their tweeful folkly harmonies, I am definitely intrigued. Will be checking out more of their music for sure.

Check out photos from the show below, as well as a video for Intro / Pathos, Pathos.


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