Album To Check Out: Atoms For Peace – AMOK

Atoms-For-PeaceAt this point in his legendary career, every new musical output by  Thom Yorke should be treated as the memorable event that it is. Whether it be his solo output or as part of Radiohead, we all know that we would be in for a treat with Yorke. So it is with substantial glee then when we found out that Thom has formed a super-group with Radiohead producer buddy Nigel Godrich and Red Hot Chili Peppers superstar bassist Flea, among others. Atoms For Peace, as the band decided to call itself (fittingly, after the Dwight Eisenhower speech) is finally ready to release its debut album AMOK.

Now, there are some misconceptions that needs to cleared if this is your first time hearing about the band. The name Thom Yorke + Flea + super-group might make you think of a rockier version of Radiohead. But it’s not.

Atoms For Peace is very much a Thom Yorke project despite the presence of other big names in the group. In fact, it shares very strong similarities with Thom’s solo album The Eraser, meaning a lot of the songs are heady electronica-type best listened through headphones. (The band, in fact, was formed to support Thom while he was touring The Eraser). In some sense, this relegates the other superstars of the group behind Thom. But like the later Radiohead albums and The Eraser, you should let the songs slowly envelop you. Let them in and let them grow within you. Gradually, you will appreciate its majestic and the genius that is Thom Yorke.

Watch the video for the elegantly scratchy first single Default embedded below.

Atoms For Peace – AMOK comes out 2/26 via XL Recordings (order here)



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