Band Discovery: Plume Giant

PlumeGiantOne of the biggest pleasures I get from attending concerts is whenever I come into a concert with no idea of who the opening bands were – and then ending up enjoying the opening band as much as or even more than the main acts. Such was the case about a week ago when I attended the Kishi Bashi concert at the Firebird. I thoroughly enjoyed rocking out to the talent and musicality of Kishi Bashi, but it was the opening act, a band called Plume Giant who left the deepest impression with me after the night was over.

Plume Giant are Eliza Bagg, Oliver Hill, and Nolan Green, a folky trio from Brooklyn who met while they were at school in Yale. You wouldn’t have guessed it though from listening to their music. Far from the Brooklyn-East Coast sound that you might expect, Plume Giant instead inhibit the 60s-retro intimate side of folk music. Their lyrics are sincere, innocent, and witty. Their harmonies are warm and playful. With violins, violas, and a harmonium complementing the usual guitar and piano, you’d be forgiven if you thought they were born and raised in Nebraska or Iowa.

Along with an earlier EP, Plume Giant released their debut record CALLITHUMP late last year. Check out the charming video for single We Got It Made below. I’m definitely keeping my eye on this band!


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