Concert Gallery: Passion Pit @ Peabody Opera House

PassionPit13Last night bought much dancing to St Louis as Passion Pit descended upon snowy St Louis to bring a little sunshine and light. Gossamer, their adored sophomore record, was my second favorite album from last year. So needless to say, I was looking very much forward to the show.

If there was one thing to expect from a Passion Pit show, it was dancing. And last night there were tons loads of it. The Peabody Opera House is a seated venue, more suited for showcasing plays and Broadway musicals, but last night Passion Pit turned it into a full-blown dancing venue. By the end of the night, people were spilling into the aisles dancing their feet off and high-fiving random strangers. I, of course, was one of those losing their minds dancing.

Michael Angelakos showed no signs of the mental illness that troubled him the last few years when recording Gossamer. Instead he looked satisfied and content, dancing and jumping around while singing, and watching the crowd eat up his every word. As the song says, he’ll be alright. And I’m happy for him.

There were two openers for the show, Matt And Kim and Icona Pop. Main openers Matt And Kim brought their usual maxed-out energy and smiles to properly pump out the crowd and begin the dancing in earnest. That was to be expected. On the other hand, Icona Pop, whom I was only familiar with from their song I Love It (due to it being penned by Charli XCX), pleasantly surprised me. They were only two girls with a bunch of knobs and keys. But they successfully brought the sparse early arriving audience to their feet with their endless energy and ultra-catchy songs. It helps that their songs were so conducive to dancing.

The Peabody Opera House is a beautiful venue, but if there is one thing that I must complain about, it’s their over-eager security staff. There was a bunch of empty seats near the front, most likely due to scalpers buying the best seats early. A number of different kids tried to sneak in near the end of the concert so that they could get a better view and dance to the music, but the security staff keep chasing them away. I was near the front, so it wasn’t a problem for me. I know it was part of their job, but c’mon it’s near the end of the show! And those seats aren’t going to be taken anyways! They just come off as stuffy and old and major buzz-kills to me.

Check out photos I took from the show as well as a video of my favorite song from Gossamer, It’s Not My Fault, I’m Happy (the end of which was abruptly cut off by one of those buzz-kills security, boo!).


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