Album To Check Out: Youth Lagoon – Wondrous Bughouse

youth-lagoon_Two years ago, a 22 year old young man from Boise, Idaho – very much just a boy really – named Trevor Powers quietly released his debut album to the world. Calling himself Youth Lagoon, Powers’ debut record, A Year Of Hibernation, was a beautifully insular and gloriously depressing record that reveals the depths of sadness and loneliness contained within him. Despite the fact that A Year Of Hibernation was very much the definition of a solo bedroom recording, the songs somehow feel big and epic. Yet it conversely still feels heartfelt and personal. It was one of my favorite records that year by making me feel sad in all the right ways.

Two years later, Trevor Powers is ready for his highly anticipated sophomore album. Named Wondrous Bughouse, the second record from Youth Lagoon is a less mournful  affair. While A Year Of Hibernation finds its beauty through memories of nostalgia, Wondrous Bughouse pushes for and elicits a sense of joyful discovery.

Best listened through headphones, Wondrous Bughouse still feels toweringly epic and can easily soundtrack any movie. Swathed in haze, you’ll feel like breaking through to something beautiful as the songs reach their climax. There is also a sense that Powers is experimenting with his sounds through the record. The melodies shift frequently and almost seem playful. Nonetheless, it seems Trevor has now found his happiness, and luckily, we are part of this uplifting journey. A wonderful record.

Stream two of the more epic songs from the record, Mute and Dropla embedded below.

Youth Lagoon – Wondrous Bughouse comes out 3/5 via Fat Possum (order here)



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